The Blatant Hypocrisy of the Far Left

Lying dishonest politician with big growing Pinocchio nose which shows he is a liar by making campaign promises that intends to fulfill.

They claim to help the working class and fair taxation, yet they continue to raise taxes, hand out freebies to those who have no desire to work and keep them stuck in poverty, and vote against better pay for teachers! And Medicare for all? ‘Sheah! Right! we saw how that worked when premiums rose four to five times the original monthly amount when ObamaCare went into affect. We also saw how those who couldn’t afford it were forced to pay ridiculous fines! Hmmm! Doesn’t sound like help to me.

They claim to be champions for women’s rights, yet they support, protect and promote Islam, a religion which condones oppression, brutality and the most unspeakable acts against women. They claim to protect children, yet go along with the demands of Radical Muslims who are notorious for taking child-brides or marrying off girls as young as eight years old to full-grown husbands and supporting the brutal rape of women and young girls! Democrats also claim to support the LGBTQ community, yet again, they support/protect/promote Islamists, who wish nothing more than to annihilate anyone who isn’t heterosexual!

Liberals claim to be in support of racial minorities, yet they promote racism by putting people of different races in different categories (African Americans, Asian Americans, etc.) Why can’t all races in this country be seen as “Americans”? The day we realize that we are all Americans is the day when we will truly be “united”!

Democrats also claim to be for freedom, yet they wish to do away with Capitalism, which isn’t as much about getting out of poverty and becoming filthy rich as it is about freedom and choice! Capitalism is more about having the freedom and choice to be successful and the freedom and choice to spend your hard-earned money how you want to spend it! It also gives you the freedom to choose which charity or benefit you want to donate to!

The Dems also claim to be against hate, yet continue to spew it against “old white men”, Christians and America in general. Someone needs to remind them that hate is hate no matter who it’s aimed at! Again, they coddle and pacify people of Islam, who consider anyone who practices Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other religion as an infidel and desires to wipe all people of other religions off the globe.

Is it beginning to sink in now? I thought so!

How can a person be against something and in the same breath, welcome, protect and promote people and groups who promote the very thing he/she stands against? I cannot believe that so many people in America are this blind! Do they even stop and listen? Can they not read between the lines? The gullibility in this country is enough to leave one speechless!

Democrats need to practice what they preach because they neither follow their own rules nor live up to their own standards! And what Conservatives and Independents must do is call the Liberals out with their own book of rules and standards! This last piece of advice was advised many times in Saul D. Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals”! Yep! I read the book and I would advise anyone who has any love for this great nation to pick up a copy as well. “Rules for Radicals” is very enlightening and will clue you in on some of the political tactics of the far, far Left.